What Is SIM Swapping? 3 Ways to Protect Your Smartphone

You consider yourself a responsible person when it comes to taking care of your physical possessions. You’ve never left your wallet in a taxi or lost an expensive ring down the drain. You never let your smartphone out of your sight, yet one day you notice it’s acting oddly.   Did you know that your device can fall into cybercriminals’ hands without … Read more

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Online is a little different for everyone How do you connect online these days? I’ll give you an example from my own life: From my 15-year old son to my 80-year-old mother, not one of us leaves the house without our phone. And today, there isn’t a single thing you can’t do on your phone. It’s the minicomputer that goes where you go.  This … Read more

The Bug Report – November Edition

Your Cybersecurity Comic Relief  CVE-2021-20322: Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, “it was DNS again.”  Why am I here?  For all our newcomers, welcome to the Advanced Threat Research team’s monthly bug report – a digest of all the latest and greatest vulnerabilities from the last 30-ish days based on merits just … Read more

Fighting Supply Chain Threats Is Complicated

Relying on the kindness of strangers is not an ideal strategy for CISOs and CIOs. And yet that is the precise position where most find themselves today while trying to battle cybersecurity issues across their supply chain. While these supply chains have plenty of their own challenges, such as global disruptions of distribution, our recent … Read more

McAfee Enterprise Defender Blog | CISA Alert: MS Exchange & Fortinet Vulnerabilities

Threat Summary On November 17, 2021, The US Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) pushed an Alert entitled “Iranian Government-Sponsored APT Cyber Actors Exploiting Microsoft Exchange and Fortinet Vulnerabilities in Furtherance of Malicious Activities” which you need to pay attention to if you use Microsoft Exchange or Fortinet appliances. It highlights one Microsoft Exchange CVE … Read more

McAfee Enterprise Defender Blog | Windows Zero-Day – CVE-2021-41379

Threat Summary This month it was disclosed that a Microsoft vulnerability that allows for local privilege elevation, previously patched in the November 2021 Patch Tuesday, is still exploitable and was not patched correctly. Using this vulnerability, threat actors with limited access to a compromised device can easily elevate their privileges to help spread laterally within … Read more

‘Tis the Season for Scams

Co-authored by: P, Sriram, and Deepak Setty ‘Tis the season for scams. Well, honestly, it’s always scam season somewhere. In 2020, the Internet Crime and Complaint Center (IC3) reported losses in excess of $4.1 billion dollars in scams which was a 69% increase over 2019. There is no better time for a scammer celebration than … Read more

Social Engineering: Tis the Season for Tricky Hackers

With the holidays on the horizon, spirits are high—and it’s those same high spirits that hackers want to exploit. ‘Tis the season for clever social engineering attacks that play on your emotions, designed to trick you into giving up personal info or access to your accounts.   Social engineering attacks unfold much like a confidence scam. A crook takes advantage of someone’s trust, applies a little human psychology to further fool … Read more

How to Help Your Kids Combat Clickbait Scams

We’ve all fallen for clickbait. Sometimes it’s a juicy headline designed to spark curiosity and drive traffic to a specific website. Other times it’s a quiz that will magically reveal your celebrity look-alike. While the innocent click connected to most clickbait is seemingly harmless, some clickbait can install dangerous malware onto your devices.  According to the FBI’s Crime Complaint Center’s 2020 … Read more

My email has been hacked! What should I do next?

If you find that your email has been hacked, one of your immediate reactions is wondering what you should next.   The answer: take a deep breath and jump into action. There are five steps can help you prevent or minimize any damage done by a compromised account.  So why do hackers go after email accounts? Fact is, that email account of yours is … Read more