Whether you are pitching to new clients, following up with team members or simply emailing existing customers, being able to track when, where and how many times your emails are read can be an extremely useful business tool to have. Receiving notifications about when your emails are opened makes emails dynamic by giving them an instant messenger type feel. Such a feature can be invaluable if you want to figure out whether somebody has not  opened your emails yet or if they have already opened it but have chosen not to reply to it. Having this information can help you determine whether to follow up  with somebody or not, when to follow up with them and how to customise your follow-p strategy. Not only that , read notifications are a great way to monitor the performance of people on your team since it helps you determine exactly when they received some piece of information and how long it took them to react or respond to it. The best part about tracking your emails is that the recipient will not even realise that they are being tracked since your emails will not look any different from what they did earlier.

                 STREAK is a Google Chrome Browser app that allows Gmail users to easily track when and where their email was opened. Once installed in your browser, you can send emails using Gmail like you normally do and let the Streak app automatically track your emails for you. You don’t need to do differently while composing the email, nor will your email look any different to recipient.

                   Once you have sent out an email, just sit back and wait for the recipient to open your email. As soon as your email is opened, Streak will automatically show you a notification message in the bottom right corner of screen. The notification will not only tell you that your email has been opened, it will also show you the exact location of the recipient and how the email was opened(through web, mobile or tab).

                    Not only that, Streak also allows you to track whether an email has been opened or not right from your Inbox. The best feature of the Streak app is that it shows you the exact location. The location feature of Streak app is extremely useful in situations where you want to find out whether a person is actually at the location they are claiming to be in. For example, many people have a habit of taking an off day from office claiming to be sick.Using Streak, if you find out that they are in Goa, you catch the person red-handed.



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