How To Start Hacking

Hello friends. You need advice right ? OK Take my advices —>

1. Never be lazy to use these sites :->

a) Check this link Practise Your Hacking skills


c)  Stackoverflow





h) [ Here you see forums from all over country and even blogs]

i) Bug crowd Blog



2. About E-books :->
a) Hacking Exposed 7th Edition

b) Gray Hat Hacking ebook latest 4th Edition

c) OWASP Testing Guide v4

d) CEHv9

e) Guide To Computer Forensics and Investigations


3. Youtube is full of Resources to learn.

  1. Bug Crowd Channel
  2. Hak5 Channel
  3. JackkTutorials

4. Language is the key to success for all
so learn C++, Python, Html, CSS, php, Sql, JS etc

I recommended to download this awesome ebooks for free –>
Coding For Pentester
Blackhat Python Pdf
Violent Python Pdf

Once you start your journey keep eye on Twitter website and follow some great security researchers. Also as Frameworks increasing day by day popularity so keep eye on framework pentesting [Use google]
Also keep eye on CVE

There are lots of lots of lots of guidance but i think this is enough for start. Will tell you more soon in next post, Stay tuned to our blog.

About Linux.

I like to say not start hacking with linux for starting. Instead, first learn to master using linux first
First as a starter use Ubuntu and Centos OS [Both are different]
Master on those OS first then you will learn a lot.

For this i Recommended this ebook :->
Linux Bible 9th Ed (2015)
Beginning the Linux Command Line, 2nd Edition

Start from 1st ebook then 2nd ebook then this ebook :->
Linux Hacking – Jonathan Smith
RTFM [Red Team Field Manual Ebook]

Then use Kali linux and start reading some these ebooks –>

Kali Linux Cookbook, Web Pentesting with Kali Linux

Checkout this awesome website —–>,

Both sites is wonderfull awesome

The last thing very very important ebook —>
The Hackers Playbook 1 &
The Hacker Playbook 2
The Hacker Playbook 3[ Read all 3 editions]
I recommended for these too.

Go through all this steps Thoroughly and Become Great Hacker 🙂

Click Here To Test Your Hacking Skills

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