How To Secure Your Phone And Tablet

The Deafult security features on your devices are usually not adequate to give you proper security. If you would like to make it harder for anyone to illegally access the data on your Android device, it is important to customize the security settings on your device. It is highly recommended that every Android user follows the steps bellow to improve the security on their device:

  1. Enable a strong screen lock password by going to Settings  >  My Devices  >  Lock Screen. It is recommended that you use an alphanumeric password instead of numeric PIN or pattern as your password. Also now-a-days some Phone comes with Finger Print Scanner you can setup with Alpha Numeric as alternate.
  2. Enable the Device Administrators options (Under Settings  >  Security) on your Android device. This will allow you to remotely lock, Trace and Wipe data from your Android device in case it is lost or Stolen. Alternatively, you could install a third-party app like Lookout, Cerberus, Security Master, etc on your Android device.
  3. It is advisable that you never install an app on your Android device that has not been downloaded from the official Android Market. even while downloading an app from the official Android Market, make sure you read its reviews, check whether it is safe to use and confirm that other users did not face any security issuess while using it. You can disable the installation of non-Market apps by going to Settings  > Security and unselecting the Unknown sources option.
  4. Switch off the wireless and Bluetooth functionality on your Android phone whenever you are not using them. This reduces the chances of unauthorized access to your device. To toggle the wireless and Bluetooth features on your device, go to Settings  > Wireless  and Network settings and then select Wifi settings or Bluetooth settings and change them on basis of your preferences.
  5. On certain Android versions you can encrypt all the contents of your phone and SD card so that none of the data stored on it can be accessed without entering an access password. To enable this encryption feature, Simply open Settings  > Security  Encrypt device.
  6. Install an antivirus app on your mobile phone that will protect you against any infected files, malicious apps that you may download to your device and even SMS text message scams. For example, Security Master is free antivirus that does a great job of protecting your Android device.

Once you enable these additional security features on your Android device, it drastically reduces the chances of someone else illegally accessing your device.

On an IOS device, Four-digit numeric password is used by default to unlock the screen. Although a four-digit password is easy to remember and convenient to quickly type in, from a security perspective it is not very secure. to improve the security of your iOS device, it is advisable to switch from the four-digit numeric password to a traditional alphanumeric password. Alphanumeric passwords are tougher to guess or find out. In order to do this, Open Setting  > General  > Password Lock. Turn the Simple Passcode option off and enable the Turn Passcode On option. You will now be asked to enter a new alphanumeric password, which will be used in the future to unlock your screen.

  1. It is also advisable to enable the Erase Data option on your IOS device, which will automatically erase all data from your device in case an incorrect unlock password is entered ten consecutive times. This additional security feature protects the confidential data on your device from malicious users who are trying to guess your screnn-unlock password. Moreover, if  you enable this option, even of your iOS device gets stolen, at least the data on it will remain out of the hands of miscreants. To enable this option, open Settings  >  General  > Passcode lock and turn on Erase Data.
  2. As with Android, switch off the bluetooth and Wi-Fi features on youriOS device by going to Settings and disableling them, whenever you are not using them. This reduces the chances of unauthorized access to your device.
  3. It is good idea to install the Find My iPhone app, available as a free download from the iTunes App Store, so that it is easy to trace it in case it goes missing. This app not only shows you the exact geographical location of your missing device on a map, it also gives you the option to remotely wipe out all data from it. Moreover, Find My iPhone will allow you to play a loud alarm on your missing device if you have dropped it in a dark room. finally, this app will also allow you to display a message on your missing device with your contact details.

Once you enable these additional security features on your iOS device, it significantly minimizes the chances of someone else illegally accessing your device and stealing data from it.

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