Many People have tried many times and ways to report someone’s Facebook Account, but nothing happens and still, he has his account, he creates many fake pages and publishes personal family photos, this is the very serious issue, I have reported to facebook but facebook doesn’t do anything, how to report his account? i want his account remove completely .

Now we provide that how we can easily Remove someone Account.

In this method, we have not need any software or Root method.

In this method, ANYONE can easily remove Someone’s Facebook Account not used any type of software or Root Method or PC.

Every one tries To Remove his Friends Account, So he need to Follow this trick and remove any type Of account which hi Verify Or Not You can easily Remove it.

This is workable Trick. If you do not do it so you have a need to Report on Facebook And Remove of Your Friends Account.

Step 1

First of All you need To { Make Your Friend Deat Certificate Which want to Remove On Facebook } . Here is Same Name On Your Certificate And Your Friend Facebook Account and Same As Date Of Birth .

Step 2

Click on this link.

Step 3

Then Follow these Steps which show In Image.

Remove facebook acccount

Optional : Proof Of Death Link :-

Fill the form and submit it to Facebook.If you are a blogger or you have some website then make a new page and place a news on that page that this person is dead and give link of that page in above form(step 3 is not compulsory but if you do it then you get 90% chance that his/her id will be removed from Facebook)

Make reports to his/her account so his/her account is temporary locked now make the real move and remove his/her id permanently from facebook.

About Attacking

Many Friends which learn this trick that make Same Name Account on facebook and Report of Timeline Pretending or Remove its facebook account.
But some have succeeded in this method but some don’t. So he need to Follow this trick and remove any friend account.

I hope you really like this trick because this is the workable trick. Anyone can easily remove someone facebook account easily without any need of software or PC. Keep Sharing 🙂


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