How to Permanently Delete files From any Device

?Have there  been occasions when you have sold, donated or discarded an old Mobile Phone, Laptop or Pen Drive and simply deleted all the data on it – under the misconception that all of it has been permanently erased? Do you want to give away a used pen drive to friend or relative, but would like to be sure that it does not  have any of your old data on it? In this Post we are going to learn how to completely, Permanently DELETE data from all your various devices, so that no one can ever recover it.

Typically, whenever you delete any file or folder from your computer, pen drive or any other device, it is first sent to the recycle bin. This is easily recoverable. Unfortunatly, even if you completely empty your recycle bin, it does not mean that the files have been permanently deleted. The deleted data remains on your Hard Drive in the form of dead files. There are sophisticated techniques available to recover these dead files from your computer.

This is why it is very important to permanently erase sensitive data from your hard drives there is a free app called Eraser that allows you to do just that. Once you have download this app, all you need to do is to select the files or folders that you wish to permanently deleted, and then let Eraser do the rest.

To select the data you wish to permanently delete, click on the down arrow button next to Erase Schedule and then click on the Add Data button.

Finally, once you have finished selecting the data that you wish to erase permanently, click on OK button. Within a few seconds, Eraser will work its magic and permanenty erase all the selected data. The way this works is that it shreds the last remains of deleted files by overwriting them with sophisticated patterns of useless data multiple times, hence making it impossible for anyone else to be able to recover it. Now that you know how to use Eraser, you can start deleting all the dirty secrects you have on your computer that you don’t want anyone to ever find out.

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