How You can Identify a Bitcoin Scam Site

Hello readers, In this post, i would like to share with you some useful tips if you are a bitcoin lover or you work on any bitcoin trading platform.Bitcoin is a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system, the system works without a central repository administrator. bitcoin very worthy due
to that some scammers have taken the advantage to steal/rip those who are new to bitcoin trading. After reading this quick tips provided you will be able to Identify any Bitcoin Scam Site.


1.Check About Us

The first to do is to check ‘About us’ page. if you don’t see anything like that, mind you it’s a scam site if it happens that they have it too, try and study that page well by reading through what is written there, most scam sites try to hide their identity. when you see something written like “we are a group” or “a team” of professional etc.then that site is likely to be a scam. No legit a bitcoin site will hide its identity.

2.Know WhoIs

Most of the scam site out there uses old date like 2011,2010 etc just to make you believe them that they’we been in the system for long and as such they can be trusted. You can identify the actual date the site was registered by visiting .

Now copy the Url address of the bitcoin site and put it there. after doing that and the date does match then that should tell you how big that scam site also check the expiration of their domain. if it’s about 3 month’s left for expiration. its 99% likely they want to rip people

3.Check Trust Certificates

Most scam mining site are base in London. lol don’t the be a “fool” most of them are not in London at all. most of the time they show certificate from the London group of companies on their site that they are registered.the truth is the London of companies is just an easy place where anyone can register any pseudo without any stress. that’s why most the rippers have certificates from there. and also
you will see +44 country code on their site that shows they are base in London, don’t fall for this…its a scam.

Check the registrar data of the data to find out who is be hide the site. if the site is then Whois guard protected , then it means whoever is the behind the site is trying to hide his/her identity. ignore such site. there is possibility that the site is a scam.

Analyze the returns,those site claim they can give you.Don’t fall for these type of stuff’s, it’s just a plan to get you involve and rip you off.Most of them promise percentages which sound good in your ears eg. 150% after 2 hours, 500% in 2 days.This sound good to be true right?? lol?? its a scam.

Check their site for pictures or videos of their mining equipment. Most of these scam site try to create an illusion that they are mining bitcoin. lol?? they are doing nothing of sort.its just a ponzi scheme.

lastly check the design, grammar and spelling of the site.Most of these scam sites are designed by novices,they most use poor designs and their spellings and grammars are usually poorly constructed on their sites

Conclusion: Be careful where you decide to invest your bitcoins because there are a lot of scam site out there that are willing to do all what it takes to rub all your bitcoin form you.To be on a safer side,just your bitcoin and keep it.when the price goes up you sell.????????

Should you know any other way’s rippers used to scam for bitcoin, Let’s us know in the comment section below, And don’t forget to share this post with friends & love ones .Thanks for your visit.Hope to see next time ???

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