How to Find Better Domain Name

          ?Finding a suitable domain name for your company, blog or website can be an extremely challenging and time-consuming process. It is important to come up with a domain name that is catchy, has relevance to your business and is also currently available for registration. There are plenty of different types of domain names available to choose from. You could stick to a traditional .COM or .ORG domain, get a country specific domain name, industry specific domain(like .xxx, .travel, and .jobs) or get a trendier .LY or .AT or .CC domain name that helps you play around with words. With so many choices available and almost no set rules to follow, choosing the perfect domain name for your company, blog or website can be an intimidating process. Fortunately, there are a few steps that can make the whole process a lot simpler.

?           The first step is to take a blank sheet of paper and write down 10 to 12 different keywords that accurately describe your company or blog. The more creative you are during this brainstorming process, the better the names you will come up with. If you have already come up with a few keywords and are looking for some inspiration, it may be a good idea for you to make use of an online Thesaurus and Reverse Dictionary or  Keyword Tool to generate a list of similar or related words.

?           A good rule of thumb to follow while brainstorming names is that the name you pick need not necessarily be a word that appears in the dictionary. A slightly unusual name may actually help you differentiate yourself from your competitors and chances are that it will have higher probability of having a domain name available. Google, Yahoo,Twitter and Flipcart etc were not exactly words taken from the Oxford dictionary but today are names that people find no difficulty in remembering.

?          Once you have shortlisted a set of keywords that describe your business, idea or blog well, you need to check whether that domain is available or not. One of the quickest ways to check the availability of domain names is to use Domainr. Just type in the keywords you have shortlisted one by one into this website and it will show you a list of possible domain names that you can register and also tell you which one s are currently available for registration. By showing consolidated results in one place, Domainr makes that job of searching for available domain names quite time efficient.

?         Once you have finalised the domain name for your business, company, idea or blog, you can register it within a matter of minutes using a credit card on any of the popular domain registrars like Fatcow, GoDaddy, BigRock.

Now Go and start looking what domain name you want right now.

Take out every word that belongs to you (something new ?).

Come back here and comment down. I bet you got great name for your blog or company.

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