Fake Jio Prime offers Spreading on Whatsapp.

A message about a Jio Prime offer is circulating among WhatsApp users. Do not fall for it because it’s a hoax.
Last evening, I received this message from one of my contacts.

whatsapp jio hoax

Looks like a genuine message, doesn’t it? But, it is nothing but a hoax. How do we know?
1. The most important sign – Jio hasn’t announced any such offer on its official website https://www.jio.com
2. The link http://jiodatapack.blogspot.in is not an official domain page of Jio.

3. The message creates a sense of urgency – issues sort of warning that the Jio SIM will be deactivated if you do not upgrade it before 12:00 AM-midnight.

I received this message before 12:00 AM and my Jio SIM is working just fine.

By Analysis : Clicking on the Download Link, took me to the below page where it asked me to download a certain Jio Prime app.

After analyzing the app (and unsurprisingly) found that it is fake and does nothing as claimed by the superfluous message. Below are the findings.
#1. Once the app is installed, it shows a message to activate the PRIME OFFER. It accepts any random number (only checks for a 10 digit number) as shown in the figures below.

#2. The app then shows a message that it is connected to the server even if mobile data and Wi-Fi connectivity is off.

#3. Thereafter, the user is asked to share the app 10 times on WhatsApp groups and avail 50 points. A minimum of 100 points is required to activate the offer

#4. Strings of other messages were found in the app to circulate similar offers.

So, what do we learn?
• Never act on messages that urge you to click on a link – especially when they talk about offers (discounts, contests, promotions, etc.)
• Always verify the source and authenticity of such messages.
• If you receive such messages from a friend, advise them not to act (click on a link or reply) and not to share them with their contacts.
• If you have received such a message from an unknown number, consider blocking it.
• Install a mobile antivirus app that can block your access to harmful websites and installation of infected apps.
Share this story with your friends and contacts on Facebook or Twitter to warn them against this hoax – more likely a scam. If you are reading this post on your phone, then you can directly share it on Whatsapp.

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