Is Dorking Hard ? Did you Tried Dex Hunting !

You Want Lots Of things like Music, Apps, Videos or Anything? And bored of using Dorking, Try Dex Hunting

So what’s this Dex Hunting, anyway?

Lots of people post files of any kind on their websites to share them with friends. Those files are “protected” by not mentioning them. There’s no visible link given, and for literally hundreds of thousands, this seems to be enough.

What they don’t know: There are many nice techniques to locate the invisible stuff.

I don’t want to get in too deep – and as I’m rather new here it’s possible some of the tricks might have been posted elsewhere.

But if you want to find lots of music the way I described it – and want other people doing the “dirty” work I recommend:

Wanna try it for yourself?

Try EXPLOSEEK. It’s a search bot, and instead of typing complicated data strings for Dex Hunting just type what you’re looking for, and the bot does the rest for you. Sounds nice, huh?

Not very sexy at first sight – but very effective.

Hope you’ll like it!

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